Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Deadlock?

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read about the possibility that the SRP would boycott the swearing-in ceremony of the new government on Aug. 24. Obviously some ‘constitutional expert’ said this could create a deadlock as all members of parliament must be present. I don’t know about that. To my, admittedly layman’s, knowledge of the constitution all members of parliament must take an oath of office before being seated in the parliament. Like in most Western democracies the president of the parliament proposes an MP to the King to form a government. The Prime Minister chooses his ministers who then take an oath of office too. So why do we need the opposition to be present? They can voice their protest all they want. They can question the validity of the election. But they must use the proper channels and procedures.
In my view, they can even boycott the swearing-in ceremony, although this would cast some doubts on them in terms of their understanding of democracy too, wouldn’t it? And it won’t change a thing. It is a mere formality as the outcome of the elections is as clear-cut as can be, despite some irregularities of minor significance.

Doesn’t Sam Rainsy read the reports by the EU EOM and the U. S. mission in Cambodia? Does he live in another world, or what’s wrong with him?

Well, that ‘loser front’ caved in already. Funcinpec now published a statement that they will not question the validity of the election. So now it’s only three. Let’s just move on. I am sure Hun Sen will not tolerate another deadlock of one year. They have a 2/3 majority now. Beware Sam Rainsy!

Another personal observation; before the election I traveled almost 5,000 km crisscrossing the country on business. I visited mostly small villages from Koh Kong to Rattanakiri province. The CPP was present even in the most remote location you could only reach in a 4WD. The SRP and Ranarridh party were present in the larger towns but once you left the main roads, no sign of the candle or picture of Ranarridh, not to mention the Human Rights Party. So obviously those parties don’t think it’s worth traveling to the real needy people in the boondocks. Well, I am sure they all voted for the CPP.

P. S. Added on Aug. 04

There is a mistake in the above as it would involve the swearing-in of the deputies not the cabinet. So the scenario would be different but the outcome basically the same. If the SRP deputies do not take their seats they forfeit them. Either way the CPP will control the assembly.

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