Saturday, January 5, 2008

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By now there are millions of blogs on various subjects and certainly enough about Cambodia, on the internet. So why add another one? I believe some of the subjects are not covered objectively by either the bloggers or the comments posted. I will try to depict the situation as I have experienced it in and outside Cambodia for the past 20 years. I will also draw from Cambodian newspapers, but rather than just repeating the news I will comment on them with my personal views and knowledge.

The numerous forums on Cambodia are mostly run and contributed to by overseas Khmer whose picture of their homeland is rather biased and more based on what they believe should be rather than what actually is. Some are rather virulent in their stance, and many times outright abusive in their language. Many of them lack the distance from personal experiences, sometimes tragedies in their families, to make objective judgments, as sometimes necessary even in a historical setting. Only detached people are able to analyze thoroughly and in an unbiased manner.

Forums run by foreigners abroad tend to cater to travel information and, unfortunately sex and prostitution tips, and expat forums in Cambodia talk about their life and experiences there.

This blog does not purport to be a publication of New York Times standard but I will nonetheless strive to elevate the musings and writings to a different level from what I have so far found on the internet.

Since postings will sometimes be very critical of the powers that be in Cambodia it is advisable to remain anonymous. It has been known that the freedom of speech is not always guaranteed there. But people can always contact me at the email address listed, if they don't want to leave a comment here.

My affinity to Cambodia comes from my professional activities in that country and my marriage to a Cambodian wife, whose three children live with us. Though obviously not Cambodian myself, I am from Europe but consider myself a true cosmopolitan, having lived in Asia and the U. S. for one third of my life.


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Dear Blogger,
It's very glad to have your blog on my PC. I will read yours and also share mine.

Khmer said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't find your email in the profile page. I'd love to contact you at some point.

KJE said...

Click on 'My complete profile' and then click on 'email'.

KHMER2LOVE said...

Welcome to the new home of khmer information! Sound great to me!

khmer2love said...

let'us go and good lucks!