Friday, May 22, 2009

There isn’t too much to write home about, as the saying goes. Therefore, you haven’t seen any new, let alone interesting posts lately.

Additionally, I am on an extended absence from Cambodia, watching things from afar in Florida, my other residence. Being away doesn’t really give me too much insight into events as that one vital factor in assessing a situation is missing, the interaction with the homeland Khmer. I certainly don’t want to imitate the overseas Khmer attitude so aptly displayed on KI-Media.

Commenting events from afar isn’t my cup of tea. One has to participate in the daily lives in order to fully understand what’s going on. For information the local papers online, both English and Khmer provide enough coverage to keep one abreast of the latest news.

So to the people who have been following my blog I say, ‘Bear with me, and check back from time to time for worthy observations on Khmer events from the inside.’ I will be back the second half of the year and will resume my writings, time permitting, then.