Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Opposition Parties’ Complaints to the UN and EU

Now this strikes me as somewhat weird. Why would the opposition front lodge their complaints with the UN and the EU?

Sure, both the UN and the EU sent observers to see whether the electoral process went according to democratic norms and standards; but that’s all they were – observers. And it is absolute news to me that they would have some jurisdiction over Cambodian elections.

We read that the NEC roundly dismissed all complaints, which doesn’t seem to be too much in compliance with their charter. One would believe an investigation would at least take a couple of months. So something is foul in the state Denmark, to paraphrase Shakespeare.

It appears as though the whole state apparatus now deals with Sam Rainsy and his followers as bothersome gnats rather than serious opponents, which must enrage someone like Sam Rainsy who thinks of himself as the only person capable of building a new Cambodia and far superior to anybody else in the country. This most likely only strengthens his determination to boycott the opening session of the National Assembly. And this probably also accounts for his reaching actions such as the complaint to the UN and EU. He is only making a nuisance of himself, nothing else. It is rather sad, really. If he believes this is publicity in the Western world, he is greatly mistaken. Just read the world press. There is hardly ever any mention of Cambodia to begin with, let alone his complaints about rigged elections, whether substantive or not. Look how much press coverage the far more serious Zimbabwan situation got. This is yesterday’s news.

If he wants to achieve at least some progress with his agenda, Sam Rainsy must learn to work within the system.

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