Friday, August 1, 2008

Slanted Comments

There is this one blog on the web that always has the latest news about Cambodia. This being a blog, of course, they use their own headline to make their point. One recent example reads like this:

‘One in four voters lost their right to vote: Investigation’.

Then it goes on to the report issued by two exile Khmer organizations in France. The report sounds realistic in itself but these being died-in-the-wool nationalistic Khmer organizations they have a way of putting the inconclusive numbers at the top, and then in the final paragraph say they can’t extrapolate those numbers to the national level. Basically, the report is worthless, but in this day and age everybody who has something to say publishes it on the internet (including my own humble self).

It is just that some people, and KI-Media, the one I am talking about, is clearly in that group, use it to further their sometimes rather irrational notions of how Cambodia can become a better place. Their slanted headlines speak for themselves, and although it is a good source for the latest news, one should simply not read the headlines and the comments by readers. Those comments are mostly semi-literate anyway, and it seems like many of them were posted by hormone-driven adolescents who have too much time on their hands.

The blog is mostly directed at overseas Cambodians in the U. S. and Australia and reading those comments one cannot help but wonder why overseas Cambodians are often so dimwitted, having had the opportunity for a better education that some clearly have not taken advantage of. No wonder then that the Khmer in Cambodia sort of dislike their overseas brethren.


M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

They are just sore losers and I am sick and tired of them. It's all same old post-election whining. No election is free and fair until he wins, I guess.

They keep breathing in and out that they are the real DEMOCRATS. But when it comes to losing in an election, they kept whining. What a bunch of hypocrite!

M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

You are right. A lot of those folks tend to claim they are the real Cambodian nationalists. Cambodians in Cambodia can't be as good.

They love complaining about this and that yet never come up with any useful ideas for changes or improvement. All they know is blaming and cussing other people! I assume you know how crazy their comments are!!

Anonymous said...

It's not that people complain and don't have useful ideas for changes/improvement. People live in fear of the repercussions of speaking out. Think about that last sentence. Think about it very hard.

KJE said...

This is not what the post is about. Read it again. This is about half-truths and distortions in KI-Media's headlines.

Anonymous said...
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