Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Anonymous Khmer Voice

I happened to come across this comment somebody left on KI-Media in response to Khmerization's commentary on SR's stripped immunity.

I don't necessarily agree with the writer but there is more than a grain of truth in what he says. Especially his anti-Vietnamese stance is disturbing. I had stated before ultra-nationalism will only lead to disaster. History has taught us this lesson. Differences must be reconciled by negotiation, not by non-sensical activism or hateful propaganda.

You got it all wrong Khmerization. The problem is Sam Rainsy, not Hun Sen. As long as Sam Rainsy is the leader of opposition, Hun Sen will rule for ever. You can quote me for that!

Sam Rainsy’s leadership is too weak and uninspiring. He has not proved himself up to the challenges, and he is known to have made numerous tragic and costly mistakes. He could have made alliance with FUNCIPEC to counter CPP, yet he did the opposite with his 50+1 rule. He could take strong action to protest when Mu Sochua immunity was lifted, he didn’t do it… and the list goes on. Does he have any foreign country (USA, China, Russia or France ...etc) willing to BACK him and his party behind the closed door? The answer is no, and there is a good reason for that. Those countries don’t see him as a potential PM.

Folks, we can not save the country from yuons with candle light, bon takhen at pagoda …etc. We need a leader with a clear and decisive plan, and most important of all a leader who is not afraid to take bold measures. As the white guys say, we need a leader with balls. Over the last thirty years, Sam Rainsy has not shown any of those attributes.

If we want to unseat Hun Sen and free the country from yuons, the first thing to do is to get rid of Sam Rainsy. He is the bottle neck that blocks other nationalists to free the country from yuons.


Tim said...

It appears that Sam Rainsy's interest is to become only the opposition leader against the CPP. He has not found any thing that Hun Sen does right, regardless.

I have not heard any positive comments made by Sam Rainsy about Hun Sen's strong policy against the Thai's agression. He ought to give Hun Sen some credit on that, then Hun Sen would probably willing to hear Rainsy complaints about Vietnam's issues.

Why didn't Sam Rainsy file the complaints with the current King (Sihamoni) instead of King Ta?

Anonymous said...


You make fun of materials of KI media.
You copied and pasted KI material on your blog.

Are you insane or opportunist?

KJE said...

I quoted KI-Media to make a point and commented on it. Normal practice when writing an article. What's insane or opportunistic about that? I believe you got a misconception of those terms.

Anonymous said...

If you quote KI-Media, it is fair to conclude that KI-Media is not worsthless as you have been portrayed to be.

KJE said...

I never said it's worthless. I personally just don't like their occasional distortions, slanted headlines, extreme partisanship, negativism, ultra-nationalism, bias, and their unmoderated comment section.

Anonymous said...

I happened to come across this comment somebody left on KI-Media.

I don't necessarily agree with the writer but there is more than a grain of truth in what he says.

It was a shame for the nation of Cambodia under Hun Sen's adiministration. Under him almost 30 years, Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in the world, despite its rich natural and cultural resource and hard working people. The country is in big debt that many next generations can not afford to pay back. Hun Sen his group become rich. Hun Sen become the world's billionair. He uses Cambodia as his own company for his own benefit and his group. Most Cambodian people are still poor and have litttle to eat. The country still borrows money from other countries.

KJE said...

The writer you quote should go back and study other countries' economies a little more. He would find out that, for instance, the U. S. is the country that borrows money from other countries the most, second is Great Britain, third is Germany. Their future generations have to pay for a lot more in comparison. So how about that?

I don't want to make any excuses about the failures and shortcomings of the present government, but all this has to be seen in an historical context. Cambodia is rather unique in its situation, at least in SE Asia. I know of another country that is called Lee Inc. (Singapore). That is not to say I personally approve of this. That Hun Sen is a billionaire is nothing but a rumor. I am sure he is doing well for himself.

But in general about your and the writer's attitude please refer to my last response in the post "A man named Wattanak". What are you all doing about helping Cambodia's poor apart from a few dollars for your families?

Anonymous said...


Cambodia is well enough for you farang to live.
There is no need for any excuse from you barang.

What the failures and shortcomings of the present government you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

You stated that "Hun Sen is a billionaire is nothing but a rumor. I am sure he is doing well for himself."
Can you proivide more detail on what you meant that he is doing well for himself?

KJE said...

Why do you keep calling me 'farang', the Thai word for foreigner? If you are Khmer you know it is 'barang', as you use in second sentence. So who are you?
I don't quite get your comment.

I have never seen a head of state or prime minister not doing well for him-/herself. How can I provide details, I am not his banker.

Anonymous said...

The salaries for the prime minister and for under-secretaries of state, including other related expenses, are between US$400 and US$900.
With your MBA (if you learned something), you might be able estimate his wealth.

KJE said...

What is it with you? You made your point. Good enough. You must have a lot of time on your hands, checking this blog so often. I don't know whether I should be flattered, or what?
I traced you: adsl-161-4-96.mia.bellsouth.net ( I just wanted to know where such a person lives.

Anonymous said...

What are the failures and shortcomings of the present government that you don't want to make any excuses about?