Friday, January 15, 2010

Methods of the Enemy

Today I received the following email:

To All my Dharma Friends/Social friends concerned,

According to my Psychological Convention/observation/experiences, please kindly help me remove the name" RUN PHIM SINAROITH" (who works for Cambodian Television Network-CTN) from my black list of distrust/breach of trust/and misbehaviors. I think, on her own behalf, she is not a bad woman by nature. We were not looking at men/women's relationship or any deviant relationship during our happy and friendly union/association, but social networking at the time. Thanks for the first time for your mutual understanding and tolerance. Please do it wisely and secretly at your earliest convenience. Be better-informed that my social network will not used for any deviant behavior or any kind of destruction both to individuals and society as whole, it shall be used any relevant purposes that serve the poor, the disadvantaged in society, and those people who are really in need of our social network.

Sorry for any mistake caused in creating this notification message!
Thanks for your kind co-operation and your wise dissemination of the message.

Note: This removal of the name from the black list is for RUN PHIM SINAROITH (the TV announcer) who works at Cambodian Television Network (CTN), and not the namees of Yeay Kdar Kdet and her supporters or the CPP members. Thanks!

This Sanith Sim also emails the news from Khmer Intelligence. I find it remarkable that he and most likely others maintain a black list of people they deem distrustful, helping their enemy (the CPP and the current government), or are otherwise considered harmful to their ideals and ideas, whatever they may be. I don't know how I got on this mailing list, but I certainly do not support this group or groups. They condemn methods used by their enemy but use those same methods themselves. Hypocrisy, and that from an ordained monk.


Anonymous said...
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KJE said...

There is this guy who keeps posting all these silly comments. I decided to not publish them as they don't really contribute to the topics. He is obviously a somewhat disturbed, immature person.

Anonymous said...

Here how the irresponsible or the unthinkable actions committed by my ignorant and less understanding enemies!
Kje and the holder of e-mail id: camnews001@...said Ven. Sim sanith is obviously a somewhat disturbed and immature person. In fact, he wanted to say that “disturbing and immature”, but his/her English is still very limited and he him/herself is less understanding and na├»ve. And they do not know how to correctly this so-called ordained monk. He/she (is) (they) are also less grounded with politics and general culture. They are seemingly or somewhat less understanding and wild in their character and attitude. They still keep on writing/sending messages to the following e-mails even though they said the messages by SIM Sanith are the methods used their enemies; they try to describe these messages as “The method of the Enemy. Why?

Regarding the status and the philosophical convention of the holder of the ID: camnews001, he/she tried to prove that he or she is Liberal, Independent, Objective, Non-conformist. But the intention and acts committed by this individual is not liberal, independent, and objective, but quite partial or prejudiced or biased. You got it? This is also the method used my coward enemies or hostile sides. You should set yourself on the course first if you really want to your fellow poster or comment-givers. We, Cambodian citizens/journalists/the general public, have our legal rights to say our mind or willingness/desire in the world of democracy/freedom of speech/world of advocacy. Try to go to any scholars for some good advices if you do not like the ideas/comments raised by your fellow-comment-makers. Thanks! Good will from a country man.

Wish you all success and prosperity in life!



KJE said...

Ha, ha. This rambling comment just proves my point. Talk about English!