Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recent News

Prime Minister Hun Sen gave a speech recently in which he mused about his longevity on the job. He thought he could probably not serve until he is 80 due to health reasons. That stands to reason as most people, especially the ones who have a stressful job, tend so suffer from one illness or other in their 60ies and 70ies. Hun Sen most likely won’t be any exception. What’s remarkable, though, is why he was talking about it at this point in time. There was no apparent reason unless you want to attribute it to a whim, a spur of the moment remark.

Another interpretation making the rounds is that he just wanted to remind everybody again that he has managed to stay on the job despite the vociferous condemnations by the human rights organizations, and most of all, by his arch-nemesis, Sam Rainsy. Perhaps, what he was indicating was that with Sam Rainsy now out of the way for good, he can go about his job without being disturbed every step of way.

The UN Human Rights Rappateur for Cambodia Subedi is visiting and had a constructive discussion with the Prime Minister. What is noteworthy here is, first, that he was received to begin with, and second, that obviously the meeting was held without pre-conceived notions. Both mentioned that the meeting went well, which, hopefully, is an indication that at least the acrimony seems to have been avoided for now. We will see what comes out of the meeting with the opposition parties next week.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago, Mr. Hun Sen said he will rule as prime Minister until he is 90 years old.

Anonymous said...

Comment from KI media:
Who belives this liar ?
He is coward, he made all opponents KO before fight and he ask to start the fight.
When he loses, he cheats, look at year 1997.
He betrays everybody, Ranarith, Ke Kim Yan..
When he is alone in the race, he says he accept to lose, he is dirty.