Saturday, April 17, 2010

God Save the King of Thailand

I have been very busy lately, hence no post for some time. Additionally, there wasn't anything worthy writing about in my opinion. Just the same old, same old. It appears as though things are moving in circles, and we've been around all that stuff a few times.

But one interesting story caught my eye as it has a direct impact on Cambodia, and that is, the current Thai crisis. ABC Australia broadcast a report on the Thai King and  the Thai Royal Family, its role in today's Thailand, and indirectly in the crisis.

You Tube still has that report online, although ABC itself makes it only available to Australien viewers. Here it is:

Draw your own conclusions, and possibly parallels.


Anonymous said...

Smells the same as the ruling elites and the monarchy in cambodia.

Anonymous said...

How much do you understand about him. Are you Mr. Hun Sen's suporters or a neutral ones?

Anonymous said...

Just to add to my previous comments:
Cambodia is light years ahead of Thailand on this aspect. The peasants or "red shirts" are already the ruling elites (khmer rouge or dissident factions). The king (Sihanouk) has thrown his country to the dogs and his womanising son(ranaridh, the once king in waiting) is locked up in the palace with his harem.
Is that where thailand is heading for?